What does a consultant do?

In this case we’re talking about guiding you through the entire process of building your online presence.  We answer the questions that are bound to come up, help discover questions you didn’t know existed and generally help to make sure you are successful.

The process is very similar to development in terms of discovery and understanding your business objectives but instead of actually building the system we give input to achieve your goals based on experience.

Lynch Interactive also builds systems so consider consulting the initial step to make sure you have a solid game plan in place before you start spending money on construction.  Think of it as the plan approval process!

Best Practices

Learn from the experience of others.  Consultants should help guide you away from the mistakes of others.  Make sure you are using things the best possible way and not heading down a dead end road to nowhere!

Next Steps

Getting a solid game plan in place is a key to a successful project.  Next Steps is the process of figuring out all of the needed components, participants and processes we’ll need to include

What Could We Do?

Often clients don’t even know what is possible.  Our job as consultants is to show them the possibilities.  Most times once you show an option, the flood gates of ideas come pouring in.  The ideas presented are not perfected and exact but general in nature so that they can be molded to match the exact business needs of your company!