Every organization with more than 1 person in it has a need for Job Descriptions and a Requisition System.  Obviously smaller companies don’t need a formal system for this but any organization with multiple departments and a diverse workforce can take advantage of this.

The eRequisition system can touch many departments and fill many different needs, think about the potential:

  1. A library of Job Descriptions that includes at a minimum the Job Title, and optionally department, pay level, description, education requirements, experience requirements, job responsibilities, and possibly other fields that are relevant to the situation.This list can be used by recruiters/hr for posting jobs that are pre-approved, department heads to request staffing, or other internal purposes.
  2. A “New Job Description Request” form.  The New JDR would be used by department managers to request a new job description be added to the system.  Presumably the purpose of adding the description would be to hire someone for that slot, but these can also be separated into two separate requests.
  3. A job requisition form.  This would be the request to fill a specific position.  If it’s part of the New JDR that is fine, but this request triggers a workflow in most companies that includes an approval process, then once approved recruiting alerts are sent to place ads and/or hire someone, and finally once filled triggering more alerts oriented towards onboarding.

This entire process utilizes SharePoint Lists, Alerts and Approvals put together to form a logical process that inevitably becomes the hub of many HR departments.

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